Acid Sugar on PATREON: All the Ins and Outs

So here we are! Almost a year after I started my cosplay journey it’s finally happening: I’m opening a Patreon ❤️. I’m so much more so excited than I expected because I really want to do this right and give you guys what you deserve! In this post, I’ll break down all the tiers, rewards and other important information you might need before pledging.


My Patreon will go live January 2018! 

Become a Patron!

When will we get our rewards?
As most of you know, the main reason I didn’t start a Parteon sooner was because of time. Producing a quality photoshoot monthly on my schedule is almost impossible, and I could never let people pay for a few selfies or low quality, hastily shot pictures. After a lot of thinking and research I figured out a way to run a Patreon and find a happy medium. I love producing fanservice material and interact with my die-hard followers, and this is a good way to separate the wheat from the chaff. You will be charged once every 2 months. This will happen through a paid post, every 1th of the second month.

Payment Dates
February 1th April 1th
June 1th August 1th
October 1th December 1th

Rewards that need to be send out will be after your payment is processed. I will still post weekly but you will only be charged when the actual set drops. All the selfies, raffles, video content and other stuff I post will be “free”. I’m very aware that people will take advantage of the setup, it’s worth it for now if that means I can deliver what you’ve been asking for.

So what are the rewards?
I have 4 easy tiers to start out with. With time and your feedback, these might change. As we hit more goals, more content will also be unlocked. Because my nickname is Chocolatecream or Chocolate, I wanted to name all my tiers chocolate related! In the rule, selfies are all put on the patron-feed, all other video/picture rewards will be sent out by a protected dropbox link! There is 1 self-shot set, and a bigger professional shoot bi-monthly

$1 – Chocolate Chip – Might be tiny, but ow so yummy
Lot’s of chips makes anything tastes so much better~

Small donations make a big impact. For just $1, you will get access to my patron-only feed, join polls and raffles, some fun selfies I won’t post anywhere else and of course, my eternal gratitude. Don’t expect anything too spicy though, this tier is completely PG-13~

$5 – Bonbon – Small delicious treats, but eat a lot and you will get fat.
Everyone likes receiving bonbons and they look cute!

I love bonbons! For $5, you get a handwritten fan sign by me in cosplay or a cute outfit. Starting from this tier, pictures are tad more lewd~ + Plus all previous rewards.

$15 – Praline – Deluxe, richly filled artisan chocolate with a soft center
A step up from a regular bonbon, be surprised by the content and the beautiful shapes.

Eeehh, I like that! In this tier, things are getting heated. Next to all the rewards from the previous tiers, shot are lewder and the outfits skimpier. Next to that you will also receive a short clip. What that clip will be is decided by you! Next to this, you will receive 10 HD pictures of the bi-monthly themed professional photoshoot.

$25 – Chocolate truffle – Truffles are expensive! So tasty, but be sure not to overdose
The creme de la creme. Only highly skilled chocolatiers know how to handle these!

Ah, I see you have fine taste. In this tier, brakes are off! No nude content, but I will post whatever I like and would probably get me banned on social media. You will also receive a monthly digital print in your e-mail box, with a little personal message from me. Next to all this awesomeness, you will receive the full bi-monthly professional photoshoot + all previous reward.


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